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May Long Weekend 

Craft Beer – Gourmet Food – Home Expo - Concerts

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Vendors - What do you get:  


  • 5-6 months of Advertising from Toronto, Kitchener London and North

  • Seasonal and Local attention with date being May 24 weekend 

  • Advertising Budget is more than $25,000 plus our powerful social media 

  • Free Ad Placements strategically within the community and outside 

  • Exposure to our projected 5000 plus guests attending this year’s event 

  • Vendor Space 8 by 8, this year all vendors on the main floor 

  • Location is The Plex for easy parking for your staff and our guests 

  • Anticipated 5000 + people exposure in attendance for Home Show

  • Available WIFI, Electrical at additional cost if needed 


Food and Drink Vendors: What do you get - Bonus Concert Sunday Night 


Sunday May 21st 7 pm Doors open for Concert – hours of live music top names 

  • Food and Beverage Vendors only get both events Concert and Expo 

  • Concert projected 1500 people – consumers 

  • Samples paying out 66% with our new 3$ ticketing pricing system 

  • Sample Food/Beverages for as low as 1 ticket and as high as 3 tickets 

  • Last year some vendors made almost $2,000 (on 20% of 2023 projected guests)

  • Food Vendors get Credit for staying on for Concert + Good Cleanup -$100

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